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Valentina is a New Year's baby and turned 4 years old on January 1st, 2023. Valentina suffered a brain bleed while in utero and as a result, she has cerebral palsy which severely affects her muscle tone and mobility. Half of her body is quite stiff—she cannot crawl or stand up, or walk on her own. Through regular physiotherapy, she is doing her best to learn how to walk with assistance. She recently learned how to get off the couch alone, a huge accomplishment considering she has Cortical Visual Impairment. This means that her eyes work but her brain cannot process the information to allow her to ‘see’, and so she relies heavily on her other senses to interpret the world around her. Although doctors cannot be one hundred percent sure what caused Valentina's brain bleeding, they discovered that she has Gould Syndrome, a very rare genetic condition affecting the production of collagen in the body, weakening the neurons and membranes in the brain.

Valentina is a sweet and very humorous little girl who loves to spend time with a horse name Moe, brushing Moe's hair and taking her for short rides (with her dad's help, of course!). She absolutely adores her baby brother who was born less than a year ago. Valentina's mom often takes the two of them swimming, another one of Valentina's favourite activities. For her wish, her mom and dad are considering bringing home a device called Trexo Robotics Gait Training System. It's a revolutionary AI-powered device that can assist with gait patterning, building endurance, core workout, building independence, and much more.

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