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Meet Mateo, a charming soon to be five-year-old boy who faces daily challenges with a positive attitude. Despite the difficulties he encounters, he is surrounded by love and encouragement, as evident by his beaming smile that radiates his love for life. Earlier this year, Mateo's wish was granted, and he received his first wish: a p pod chair.

We are so thankful to every individual who donates to the Guelph Wish Fund. Your contribution is vital in making dreams a reality for children like Mateo, who can now sit comfortably and watch his favourite shows, join his family at the table, and enjoy the outdoors with the proper support.

One day, with the support of the Wish Fund, we hope to get Mateo a specialized mobility chair, which will enable him to move around the house and explore his surroundings more freely. We are deeply grateful for this life-changing gift, which we would not have been able to afford without your assistance. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

- Mateo's Parents

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