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Lenny has ‘16p11.2’, a rare genetic disorder that is not widely known in the medical or broader community.

Due to his condition, Lenny faces higher risks for obesity, social and cognitive disabilities, encephalitis, psychological (violence & anger) issues and severe learning impairments – and currently is at a 5yr old level. It is unknown when he will hit his peak intellectual development – he may be there now. He also has Chiari malformation where part of his brain matter is falling into his spinal column. He does get severe headaches and his hearing is impaired. His speech development is delayed but he is working with a speech therapist.

Learning online during COVID was an adjustment – but the silver lining was the cocoon of safety he experienced away from bullies and overall overwhelming academic pressures.

Currently, with the support of his Grandma and his resource teacher, Lenny seems to be adjusting to school.

Lenny loves to grow things, his pets, and building Lego (his most recent project was built out of 100 pieces on the 100th day of school this year). His family initially learned of us through a Facebook support group for his rare condition, where a new friendship was formed- with another Wish Kid! What a small world.

Lenny has yet to choose a wish, but when asked he says he’d like to go to a beach.

Lenny and his Family are grateful for the support of the Wish Fund and await the day he chooses his wish!

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