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Meet Juliane a 7 year old who bravely battles MELAS syndrome - a condition that wreaks havoc on her muscles and nerves due to a problem with her mitochondria. Her path has been punctuated by seizures and stroke-like episodes, leading to frequent hospital visits.

However, Lalaine and Ronald, her devoted parents, have stood firm, handling the intricacies of healthcare with unyielding determination and grace. Despite her trials, Juliane's spirit remains as resolute as ever, her optimism and tenacity shining through.

Juliane's current medical situation underscores the profound impact of MELAS syndrome on her daily life.

She now relies on a G-tube for nourishment - a testament to the challenges she faces in maintaining adequate nutrition. Last month, she started her keto therapy diet through G-tube as recommended by her dietician.

Additionally, recognizing the limitations imposed by her condition, plans are underway for Juliane to receive a wheelchair to address her mobility needs. Her muscles, weakened by the syndrome, often falter under the strain of movement, and fatigue serves as a potent trigger for her seizures.

Amidst her medical battles, Juliane clings to a dream that brings her immense joy - to immerse herself in the magical realm of Disney World and meet Belle, her favorite princess. This dream serves as a beacon of hope amidst the uncertainties of her condition.

Juliane's dream was set in motion when she was referred to the Guelph Wish Fund for Children via KidsAbility earlier this year. Generous community support has transformed her wish from a distant hope into a near reality.

Juliane eagerly anticipates her dream coming true, finding comfort in the idea of enchanting experiences ahead, providing a brief escape from her everyday struggles.

Even though her adventure is yet to begin, Juliane's spirit remains unwavering. Her resilience is a powerful testament to human strength and courage, touching and inspiring everyone who hears her story.

As her story unfolds, Juliane's bravery serves as a beacon, reminding us of the transformative power of dreams in the face of adversity. No matter what obstacles lie ahead, Juliane's indomitable spirit continues to shine, offering a ray of hope in challenging times.


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