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Meet Aiden

While in utero, something presented as problematic, but the doctors didn’t know what exactly it was.

After birth, Aiden spent some time in the hospital, but multiple tests still couldn’t identify what was causing his symptoms. As he grew, Aiden was tired most of the time and wasn’t growing the same way as his peers. It wasn’t until he was 7 years old that doctors conducted an MRI and discovered that he had a congenital pituitary defect, leaving him with a complete absence of hormones.

Because of this condition, Aiden receives daily growth hormone injections and takes multiple pills a day to replace his thyroid hormone and cortisol. He also carries an emergency injection with him in case of injury or sudden illness.

Due to the late diagnosis and complete lack of hormones for so many years, Aiden developed sensory-motor issues that affect his daily activities, particularly his involvement in school and sports.

But that doesn’t stop him. He is about to graduate from grade 8, and he is a BIG sports fan. His favourite teams are the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Blue Jays. Someday he would like to meet them!

This year (2023) Aiden became a Guelph Wish Fund for Children Wish Kid.

Being very social for his age, Aiden is excited to be a Wish Kid and can't wait to attend events where he can meet other wish children and our generous donors - he is shaping up to be quite the ambassador! As a big sports fan, his wish is to meet the Blue Jays Back-Catcher, Alejandro Kirk. Aiden feels they share a bond: both of a physical stature that makes everybody underestimate what they can do….

- Aiden’s Mom

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