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When Adaline was born, her parents were told that her future was bleak and uncertain. She had severe brain malformations along with respiratory, cardiac, and neuromuscular concerns.

She beat the odds and the original prognosis, amazing her medical team by walking and talking and, seemingly, thriving!

Nobody expected her to come as far as she has and while her prognosis is still uncertain and the future unknown, Adaline and her family are taking each day at a time. Every day brings small developmental victories and precious family moments.

Just last year, she became a Guelph Wish Fund Wish Kid, and in December, Adaline and her family took a dream vacation to Disney, where they had the most wonderful time! “Adaline loved it all, especially all the rides and can’t wait to go back”.

They stayed at our partner charity, Give the Kids the World village, where she partook in their star ceremony – such a precious moment for her and her parents to experience.

All things considered, at 3 years old, Adaline is doing very well. Her care team is amazed every day at what she’s doing. She’s a spicy ginger, but she’s full of love and cuddles!

~ Adaline’s Mom and Dad

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