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Samantha was diagnosed with cancer when she was two years old. After a year of chemotherapy and multiple complex surgeries, at three she was declared to be in remission. While she continues to be followed closely by her oncology team at McMaster Children’s Hospital, in May of this year she will be celebrating seven years cancer-free. From the very beginning, the Guelph Wish Fund was there for us, checking in regularly to see how they could help, and letting us know that when Sam was ready, they could grant a special wish for her. Sam has wanted a cat since she was a toddler - it’s been at the top of every Christmas and birthday list since she’s been able to write. However, due to allergies in the family, it was never possible. This year, when the opportunity arose to adopt a less allergenic cat breed, we knew that with the help of the Guelph Wish Fund, we could finally make her wish come true. We brought Luna home in February, and she has been a light in all of our lives. Sam is over the moon, often hugging her kitten and saying, “I can’t believe this is my real life.” We are incredibly grateful to the Guelph Wish Fund for being there for families like ours, providing help and hope in difficult times, and for the joy brought by granting Sam’s special wish.

~ Sam's Family

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