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Caidyen is an amazing bundle of cuteness and energy who is turning 8 in December! This is a celebration that was not guaranteed just two years ago when Caidyen was diagnosed with meduloblastoma, facing two brain tumors—one in the back and another in the front.


Caidyen's journey has been one of bravery and resilience. In November 2021, just four days after his mom and teachers noticed something wrong, Caidyen underwent surgery to remove the tumor at the back of his brain. The journey began when an innocent game of football took an unexpected turn. Hit below the eye, Caidyen's mom, noticing that his eye didn't seem right, sought medical attention. A series of events led them to Sick Kids, where an immediate MRI revealed the need for urgent surgery.


While the back tumor was successfully removed, the front one proved more challenging. Chemotherapy became the next chapter of Caidyen's fight, beginning just three days before his 6th birthday in December 2021. Since then, he has undergone several chemo treatments, showing incredible strength and spirit in the face of adversity. On Sept 22nd, Caidyen rang the bell at Sick Kids to signify he was done with the treatments, and he is now in a monitoring phase, going for MRI checks every three months.


However, the harsh reality is that cancer has unfortunately taken Caidyen's sight. Undeterred, Caidyen is not just a brave warrior; he is a sweet and energetic boy with a love for motorcycles, Spiderman, and all animals. His infectious energy brightens the lives of those around him, and we are honored to be a part of his journey.


As Caidyen eagerly approaches his 8th birthday in December, we are working with him and his mom to make his most heartfelt wish come true.

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