Josiah was our fifth child. He was born at 36 weeks because of complications prior to birth. He had a very weak cry and didn't breathe right away so was rushed to the NICU where he remained for 1 week. During this time he was fed with a feeding tube. There was no indicator that there were any issues except for his weak cry. He came home without his feeding tube and nursed well. He was very sleepy and didn't like to wake up to eat so ended up in hospital again for another week. This time, he was on oxygen and feeding tube again. They also found a heart murmur. He was sent to Children's Hospital in London. Many check-ups later they declared he's okay and would just be a little lazy until he grew a bit. Josiah

Fast forward to eight months old, he was not holding his head up and would choke while nursing. The doctor indicated he was not well. After many tests and visits to see different specialists, a G-tube was inserted. There were many complications from this surgery, that resulted in two additional surgeries. They determined he has aspiration and reflux, in addition to his heart murmur, mild cerebral palsy, hearing loss in one ear and epilepsy. 

Josiah started walking after his third birthday after doctors said he wouldn't walk. He does not talk well but he tries! He has had many, many surgeries and procedures in his nine years of life. A Genetics Doctor tested all his genes and said he has Cantu Syndrome but feels he may have something else as well. He has also been diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White (WPW) syndrome, a heart issue. Despite all he has been through, Josiah is a very happy and affectionate little boy!

The playset that was provided for him from the Guelph Wish Fund for Children has opened up his world! He is so happy to go into his little kitchen and  make pea stone pies and cookies for anyone who stops by his kitchen. The special swing helps keep him safe while swinging and it helps mom relax! I will never get tired of hearing him squealing with joy as he plays. He even checks out the back window to make sure his playset is still there. It is so sweet and we owe it all to Guelph Wish Fund and its many donors. Special thanks to Bosmans of Teviotdale who built the custom playset!