Grant a wish

When a child in Guelph or Wellington County is facing a life-altering injury, illness or disability, the Guelph Wish Fund for Children, in partnership with our community, steps in to serve the child and support the family, to make the child’s life a little happier. We work with each individual and their family to deliver the wish that’s just right for them, whether it’s a dream holiday or meeting everyday practical needs. We are a local charity that is 100% funded by our community.
Be part of our Grant A Wish program now. It’s easy – each wish costs $10,000 and we invite you to grant a full wish or a portion of one. All donations matter - perhaps you are part of a group who, together, wants to grant a wish. You can make a cash donation or grant a wish by collecting money during events and team activities over time.  Please contact us directly ( or make a donation now. You will receive an instant charitable tax receipt by email.